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F1 Training Services (UK) Ltd has been delivering high quality training courses across the UK for the last 20 years.

Our trainers are highly qualified and experienced professionals from a variety of backgrounds. Our courses comply with all recognised national UK standards and criteria. Feel free to contact our helpline 01382 60 40 60 us to discuss any of your training requirements.

First Aid – Are you Covered? 

Find out here the level of cover you require  - http://www.hse.gov.uk/firstaid/needs-assessment.htm

First Aid Industry Body 

First Aid – Approval and monitoring system. Guaranteeing consistency of standards. Completely independent and solely dedicated to ensuring high quality standards for the First Aid Industry.

Key Benefits

  • Totally Independent
  • Costs are realistic and fair (to both Training Organisation and Employer)
  • More monitoring than the current HSE system
  • Training Organisations issue their own certificates
  • Monitored by Professional and Independent First Aid Inspectors
  • Run under a Management Committee of Training Organisations across the U.K.
  • The Body will be “Run by the Industry for the Industry”

A very large number of other previously HSE approved organisations similar to ourselves have also chosen the FAIB route above. All our instructors and assessors are fully qualified. F1 Training Services are inspected annually by the FAIB unlike many other organisations which may monitor themselves. We always follow the HSE criteria. Assessments will be by an outside assessor rather than by the instructor unlike most other qualification routes. Practical scenario assessments not just paper exercises. Quality accredited training.

For more information on their organisation visit their website www.faib.co.uk


Level 3 Instructor Training – Physical Intervention, Conflict Management & SIA Licence Linked Courses

New instructor courses above now available, please visit our specialist courses page for more information. www.f1train.co.uk/course-type/specialist-courses/

ILA Funding

Want your course for free, why not apply for an Individual Learning Account through Skills Development Scotland, you can be awarded £200 per year towards the cost of training. To find out if you are eligible or for more info, check out our funding page.

Introduction to the Role of the Professional & Private Hire Driver (SQA)

The course helps define the role and responsibilities of professional taxi and private hire drivers towards their customers, themselves and the general public. They are required to work within the guidelines of the local licencing authorities’ conditions and by the national legislation’s. An awareness/knowledge of the industry before taking up the role as a taxi or private hire driver is now seen to be crucial in becoming successful ambassadors for the local area and for a greater public appreciation of the Dundee and Angus local passenger transport facilities. Assessments are required in both theory and practical during the course. Experienced local drivers alongside an F1 Training Services instructor will lead the courses. Our first course takes place form the 2nd – 13th January 2017. To book please call Amanda on 01382 60 40 60 or email amanda@f1train.co.uk

 WorldHost – Customer Service Training

WorldHost is a suite of customer service training programmes that covers all the essentials of service – from making a good first impression through to creating an outstanding experience to customers with disabilities, welcoming customers from different cultures, to driving sales through service and more. We are now offering the Principles of Customer Service Training programme. For more information please visit our courses page. http://www.f1train.co.uk/courses/world-host-customer-service-training-1-day/

Up and Coming SIA Security Courses 

Next Door Supervisor course in Aberdeen is 29th May – 1st June 2017. Course in Dundee running 3rd – 6th July 2017. For more info on these courses pop on to our courses page and select the qualification. Book now by calling Amanda on 01382 60 40 60 or by emailing amanda@f1train.co.uk.

HABC Level 3 Award in Education & Training (previously PTLLS)

With Effect from 1st April 2015 the HABC Level 3 Award in Education & Training replaced the Level 3 PTLLS. Next course in Dundee 10th – 13th July 2017. Next course in Aberdeen is 18th – 21st April 2017. For more details or to book please contact our head office on 01382 60 40 60.

Reducing Conflict & Breakaway Techniques (6 hours)

The course focuses on identifying different types of challenging behaviours and their causes. Physical intervention skills may be needed in some workplaces to manage challenging behaviour safely, but it should be the intervention of last resort. Our breakaway skills that are covered on this course are based on natural movements that do not rely on strength or aggression. We are now in the process of tailoring this course for candidates within the hospitality industry. Designed for staff who are working in close proximity with others and often on a one to one basis. The course will give staff the knowledge and techniques to remove themselves from tricky situations, safely and effectively without causing harm.